Somerset Schools’ Folk Dance Festival

For more years than we can remember The Backroom Band has enjoyed playing for this festival held annually on Wells Cathedral green. It is organised by the Somerset Association of Primary Head Teachers and Officers (SAPHTO: which represents all 224 Primary Heads in Somerset. It brings together over a thousand primary schoolchildren to dance together in a wonderful display of enthusiasm and colour. It truly is a remarkable uplifting event.

For those involved here in a downloadable form are the dance instructions, the music we play for each dance and videos of our friends dancing them - hope they are helpful.

Calling a dance

Dance instructions

Generic Dance Instructions

Dance Instructions

Dance Videos



You can download the music as MP3 here

1. Blaydon Races 
2. Virginia Reel 
3. Farmer's Jig 
4. Pat-a-cake Polka 
5. Buttered Peas 
6. Lucky Seven 
7. Down in the Valley 
8. Bridge of Athlone 
9. The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo 
10. I Want to be Near You 
11. Cheltenham Flyer 
12. Oxo Reel 
13. Circassian Circle 
14. New Dance 
15. Flamborough Sword Dance 

Download all music